Decade Defector – Renegade EP

After a year of work, our debut EP is finally here!

5 songs of pure synthy goodness, straight out of an 80s LA-noir flick. All of the music was written and produced by my bandmate and founder of Decade Defector, Nate VanBuskirk. Engineer by day, synthwave maestro by night. I did all of the vocal tracks and just a teensy bit of production in the way of “maybe do this part a little different,” or “what if we did this…” but make no mistake, this EP is Nate’s baby.

I had so much fun writing and recording the vocals, because I felt like I had more freedom to experiment than with acoustic or folk stuff. Nate has been really cool about giving me a direction, such as a “car chase” etc and then just letting me run with it. I was able to play around with layering, harmonies and echos, all kinds of neat stuff like that. I was also able to write some really dark lyrics which we both felt compliment the overall theme of the EP quite well.

Echosynthetic says: 

“Tom Edwards and Nate VanBuskirk are onto something here and it’s beyond what is going on in the scene as a whole. Top shelf stuff.”

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A couple of months ago, Nate was approached by TimeSlave Recordings and Decade Defector officially became a signed artist!

Then, after completing the last bit of recording for the Renegade EP a month ago, Nate asked me to come on as full-time vocalist and co-producer at Decade Defector. I immediately said YES.

Now, finally, the Renegade EP is here! It’s available from Bandcamp, or on iTunes, Spotify, anywhere music is sold really. The label is also doing a limited edition run of 20 cassette tapes!

What’s next for Decade Defector?

Because we apparently hate ourselves, we’re currently working to release a special Halloween EP even though we’re still balls-deep in getting the newly released Renegade EP out there aside from our full-time jobs. The Halloween EP will feature four synthwave covers of Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields’ old band, Dead Man’s Bones, a creepy and morbid take on 50s and 60s doo-wop. 

The release date for Dead Man’s Decade Defector is slated for Friday, October 13th. SpOoOoKy!

Get the Renegade EP on Bandcamp

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