Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings

Amazon reviews:

“Listen, I am NOT a person who likes to read. I had to force myself to put this book down at night to go to bed. We’ll worth the time to read it!!”

“Truly a great story! It made me laugh out loud, a lot. It also pulled my heart strings- I may or may not have shed a tear. I recommend for anyone.”

“The only time I was able to stop reading this book is when I was laughing too hard to continue.”

“Ridiculously hilarious story that I didn’t want to end!”

“I read almost 300 pages before I could put the damn thing down.”


Planes, Trains, & Broken Strings

After losing his job, girlfriend, and life as he knew it all within the span of two short months in early 2013, Tom Edwards decided it was time to live out his lifelong dream and travel the world. After turning to his guitar for income and selling most of his worldly possessions, he set out—along with two friends—with big dreams and grandeur visions of adventures.

Shortly thereafter when the realization was made that the group had nowhere near enough money to support their journey, they found themselves sleeping under bridges, hitchhiking with drug dealers, befriending prostitutes, living as homeless persons, hopping trains, and finding all kinds of other trouble to get into. Then on top of everything else, when tensions arise between the three companions, Edwards wonders if he’ll be forced to go on alone.

Follow the hilarious tale of travel-gone-wrong, debauchery, and adventure in Planes, Trains, and Broken Strings, as a broke indie-musician tries to find his place in the world with the help of a cast of colorful characters he meets along the way.

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Two Bucks to Timbuktu

Amazon reviews:

“Again Tom gives and amazing tale on travel and a ton of tips on how to do it.”

“This book is a reference book, something to thumb through again and again. If you ever had any doubts, questions, or concerns about how you might able to see the world on a budget and experience more from life, you can most certainly find the answer in these pages. Highly recommended!”

“If you’re planning a round-the-world trip or just a simple cross-country vacation this is a book you need to read! The tricks and tips for saving and sight-seeing are beyond compare. Along with some fun stories and insights into a lot of cultures it’s hard to put down. You can’t help but want to sell your earthly possessions and start vagabonding once you’ve read it!!”

“Most travel books leave you with insatiable wanderlust, but this is the first book I’ve read that has also given a comprehensive guide on how to travel cheaply.”


Two Bucks to Timbuktu

Two Bucks to Timbuktu reveals the tricks of the trade of impoverished vagabonds and savvy backpackers. You’ll learn how to make money while traveling the world—anything from doing freelance work online, writing best-selling Kindle books, working in hostels, performing paid live web shows as a musician, or getting a job on a sled-dog team in Alaska or a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean.

You’ll be taught the secrets of traveling the world for free or cheap:

• Find free places to stay
• Get your own hut on a private stretch of beach in Thailand for three dollars a night
• Get free meals cooked by a local
• Learn languages FAST, only learn what you need
• What to pack for your trip around the world
• How to hitchhike
• How to hop trains
• Find free camping
• Free sightseeing and attractions
• How to MAKE MONEY while you travel!

Musicians will find a detailed section with instructions for booking shows in the U.S. and abroad, street performing, making money online with musical performances, addressing common concerns with flying or traveling with instruments, and even a musician’s packing list.

• How to busk in Europe, The United States, Canada, Australia, or ANYWHERE!
• How to book shows in the US
• How to book shows abroad
• How to make money playing live web shows anywhere in the world
• How to fly with a guitar or other instrument
• How to keep your instrument safe while traveling
• What kind of recording equipment and other music gear to bring on your trip

Amidst your learning you will find some of Tom’s own tales as examples of what to do or not do while traveling. You’ll have a laugh here and there along with constant nudges to get your wheels moving.

What better place than here and what better time than now? Pick up this book and find yourself finally planning that big adventure you’ve always dreamed of; or maybe just a trip to Europe or Australia. Where-ever your vagabond shoes long to stray, Two Bucks to Timbuktu will tell you exactly how to get there—regardless of the number of digits your bank account currently holds.

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